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About Us

Welcome to MRP Decorations, your go-to party and event decoration business in the Bay Area, California. With over a decade of experience in decorating and managing events, our team offers a wide range of services for indoor and outdoor events, including private and cultural-specific occasions. Our team has many resources and contacts to ensure that our clients have the best possible event. We believe that each party is personal and unique, and we strive to collaborate with our clients to create memorable and personalized decorations. From the first consultation to the last sparkle, we are dedicated to making celebrations unforgettable.

Wedding Decorations
Flower Arrangement

Our Attention to Detail

At MRP Decorations, we understand that it's the small details that make a big difference in any event. That's why we pay close attention to every detail of your event, from the color scheme to the lighting. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the decoration is perfect, so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

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